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What is CAAMS?
CAAMS is a suite of investment programs for building and managing your wealth. Your advisor will use these programs to help build your customized investment portfolio.

Powering CAAMS is Lincoln Investment's Investment Management and Research Team (IM&R) — a group of experienced investment professionals, small enough for direct accessibility and personalized service, but large enough to manage its billions of dollars in assets.

By choosing CAAMS, you are tapping into Lincoln investment's time- proven proprietary research and thorough due diligence. CAAMS’ research tools enable your advisor to weed out the vast number of underperforming products in the marketplace.

CAAMS proprietary research includes the ongoing evaluation of more than 9,000 mutual funds, plus thousands more stocks and money managers, as well as variable products, alternative investments and other investment products.

This complex data is translated into useful planning strategies to help your financial advisor best meet your needs. Simply put, CAAMS helps your advisor help you reach your goals.